2001-07-13 - 12:33 p.m. - secrets and promises and treasures

dear ida,

it's summer, so it's okay if i sleep half the day away, right? ...but then why do i feel guilty when i finally wake? perhaps because i was woken up by the phone ringing? otherwise the slumber would have continued well into the afternoon, i'm afraid.

so i get up, i make some calls, i check my mail and then i realize that's it. no goals for today, just a lazy friday until the california sun. i think i'll go over to the park and retreat for a bit; to write in my green fabric covered journal that's falling apart at the binding. there are few scant blank pages left, but i cannot bare to retire her just yet. she keeps so many secrets and promises and treasures - ones that, right now, i need to hold really close.

xo, me.


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