2001-07-11 - 8:53 p.m. - shifting gears.

dear ida,

at first i thought he was laughing at me because i made him put in motley crue's girls, girls, girls cd. with vince's voice booming out of the stereo i yelled over to him 'what the fuck is so funny?'

'you!' he said, pointing at me.

i winked at him and looked away.

'that's really sexy,' he said turning down the stereo.

'what?' i asked

'the way you switched gears,' he said putting his hand on top of mine.

'ahhhh. you mean like this?' i asked, as i shifted his porsche into fourth gear.

there was a long silence as we drove up beverly glen to mullholland. he finally leaned over and i could feel his lips against my ear as they whispered yes, like that.

xo, me.


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