2001-07-14 - 8:23 p.m. - a big hazy dream

dear ida,

just watched that movie the perfect storm for the first time. to be honest, i was more interested in the story of the coast guard guys than the fishermen. dont get me wrong - the fishermen were an interesting lot, but basically they were chasing a buck, yknow? ...the coast guards on the other hand - that's not about money. that's about saving people and doing whatever it takes. i had no idea, until viewing this just a short while ago, what those guys actually did out there.

i just sat up with my mouth agape for about half an hour.

another odd thing --- but maybe this is a west coast thing --- i dont really remember that storm the movie is based upon. october 91? october 91? .... all of 1991 is a big hazy dream. 1991 was, for a few months, the best year of my life - and then; like that storm, it spiraled out of control and ended in disaster. i was lucky to get out alive.

....and i didnt even have the option of calling the coast guard for assistance.

xo, me.


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