2001-08-01 - 7:51 p.m. - steve #2

dear ida,

i saw him in traffic again. ugh. it's like a weekly thing, there he is in his shiny new fancy car with his perfectly stylized britpop haircut and i just feel indifference. indifference towards this man i once truly loved. a love that was so intense and real it hurt. that moments apart seemed like an eternity. the first time he told me he loved me i couldnt even reply i just burst into tears. he looked at me confused and said 'are you okay?' and i wiped a few tears from my cheeks and said 'yeah, i'm just in love,'

so you can see now why this indifference bothers me so. when did we slip from lovers to strangers on the street? how did that reality turn so sour? how, after all this time, has he just become another name on the list?

xox, me


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