2001-07-31 - 11:36 a.m. - bees knees

dear ida,

i'm having a little bit of a bee problem. bees, bees; everywhere. they seem to be particularly enamoured over my morning glories. my adorable bright morning glories which are right outside my kitchen window. i stood there the other day, my mouth opening wider and wider in shock, as i counted TWENTY bees buzzing around the flora.

now, this wouldnt be such an issue if i didn't see to walk right in front of that window to get to my car if i parked in the front. i get all freaky and paranoid like one is going to dive bomb my face or something which is stupid...or that one will fly by and get caught in my hair...oh jeez.

anyway. i dont know what to do about the bees. they are everywhere and they are pretty fucking agressive.

...just like boys.

xox, me.


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