2003-03-26 - 5:09 PM - hot brown, baby.

dear ida,

words cannot describe how in love with l.a. i am today. drove to work at 8am with the sunroof open, nada surf playing very loudly, and the palm trees speeding past. it was perfect.

of course, this could be the paxil talking but who cares. it's glorious here. never let me leave.

also: have you ever heard of a hot brown ? i must make this sandwich, it sounds so yummy. i saw this weird pbs documentary on sandwiches over the wknd, but i can't find any links. maybe i imagined it all in the middle of the night? ...

xox, me

update: 03/27 mad hugs to sea of angels for finding info about the sandwich special. dude, you rule. xo


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