2003-03-18 - 11:13 AM - and the winner is!

dear ida,

so it looks like we'll be snowed in for the oscars, but i'm excited. i'm going to throw a little party in my mom's living room - with decorations, games, lots of cupcakes, the works! hee. it might be better than the bastille day party and that was pretty rockin', if i do say-so-myself.

additionally: had this weird dream that i was in town and dropped by on brenda, just to say hello. strange, because 2 and half years later, i've never once had the urge to do so.

xox, me

ps - for the record, my oscar picks:

leading actor - nicolas cage

leading actress - nicole kidman

supporting actor - paul newman

supporting actress - queen latifah

animated feature - spirited away

art direction - chicago

cinematograhpy - gangs of new york

costume - chicago

directing - chicago

documentary - prisoner of paradise

docu short - mighty times [rosa parks]

editing - chicago

foreign - el crimen del padre amaro

make-up = frida

original score - the hours

original song - U2

best picture - chicago

short film, ani - mike's new car

short film, live - dog

sound - chicago

sound editing - lord of the rings

visual efx - lord of the rings

screenplay, adapted - adaptation

screenplay, original - y tu mama tambien


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