2003-03-08 - 6:54 PM - mmmm. tims.

dear ida,

i'm *trying* to make more of an effort - to be more friendly - but my insecurities get the worst of me. i'm still kicking myself for not telling that cute guy at the market how good tim cascade chips are...he kept looking at the bag , all indecisively, and then he glanced over at me and i just gave this stupid grin and said nothing!!!

NOTHING! when i should have said i really think a foxy knit-cap wearing boy like you would like tim's. they are the best chips ever. wanna share a bag? hahha. okay! or at least they are yummy - and so are you! no? that's inappropriate. i should have just smiled, coyly like christine always suggests, gave him a wink and then said they are delicious.

blast! those cute knit-cap wearing boys! they fluster me every time.

xox, me


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