2003-02-06 - 10:57 AM - um. bring it ON!

[looking for sock dogs? they are here]

dear ida,

oh my gosh. news of a former crush being newly single was received modestly but inside i was doing cartwheels and backflips, which is odd because i cannot do a cartwheel but i might be able to manage a good backflip.

okay that's my run-on sentence way of saying hot damn, i can let myself crush him again!...and crush i shall.


on another note: i can't figure out what to do with my summer hiatus. part of me wants to cash in mad mileage and hide away in france for two months, but the rational part of me is saying rent an apt in toronto and hide away for two months or just drive to colorado and chill out for two months. i'm not sure what i'll do or how i could even find a short term sublet in toronto...any ideas?

xox, me


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