2002-11-08 - 8:13 AM - i miss you.

dearest ida,

i miss you. i miss your kind voice and your sweet advice. i miss your wise stories and knowledge. i miss your quick wit and your wicked humour. i miss that little fountain in your office and the picture of you in front of the ida, ohio sign.

i miss some of the past, mostly right now the parts where you were in it and it was always snowing and gorgeous outside. when things were real and air was fresh and life was so so simple that, unfortunately, it bored me to tears and i had to come back to the fake city with no rain and even worse no snow but somehow i'm happier here, because here i can go grocery shopping at 3am, if i so desire and see good movies all the time and be close to the ocean - which i haven't seen in ages - and close to my dad, etc etc. the only thing i can't do here is run next door to see you, ida mae. that fact makes me terribly, terribly sad.

xox, me


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