2002-06-02 - 11:35 AM - cheyenne mountain, how i love thee.

dear ida,

jump in, let's take a ride her twangy voice sang in my ear; at 15,000 feet above the earth in a tiny jet, it certainly was a ride. a ride towards home. ...towards the mountain that towers over a tiny town where my heart and soul feels alive.

i've been aching for a road trip lately, but this will have to do for now. it's always calm before the storm anyway, right? this is the calm relaxing part before the summer goes crazy and i lose my heart and spend too much money and laugh too hard and do things that aren't appropriate for-my-age.

ah. and you dare to ask why summer is my season? for all those reasons listed above. summer is just too sexy to pass up. i'm ready to dive right in.

miss you. xox, me.


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