2002-05-27 - 10:00 AM - gigglefest 2002

dear ida,

so my favourite 6-year old insisted we watch snow dogs. normally i would have rolled my eyes and said 'no, honey, can't we watch the parent trap instead?' but i did not. she put the tape in.

this part is funny, really funny she'd say every ten mins and then roll around in a fit of laughter. one roll landed us intertangled; arms and legs all akimbo. we squeeze and giggled and made fake choking noises and whispered secrets. a moment of silence later, we heard our aunt downstairs break into song. --without missing a beat we both let out a loud groan in protest of her singing and then looked at each other and broke into more laughter. we'd both forgotten my dad was sitting on the couch right behind us until he said 'are you girls having fun?!'

ssshhh, i said we're being girls!

xox, me


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