2002-05-22 - 7:02 AM - just being [disjointed]

dear ida,

considering that myrna is on my tail - so to speak - my perkiness of lately is slightly surprising. p calls and i'm all giggly and full of city advice. he asks why i didn't come along and i tell him he didnt ask. don't boys realize all they have to do is ask?. i stumble around work all day, dazed and full of the silly, trying to get work done; but mostly i dont. mostly i look out the window and cant believe how fucking beautiful this town is, sometimes.

pinch me, pinch me, pinch me.

c made a comment about being a social retard the other day and it struck me hard - lately - i seem to cancel a lot of plans. i'm not sure why, it's not that i dont adore my friends because i do more than they could ever imagine, but i also need a lot of alone time. there's a lot to sort out in my head. a lot.

also! ooooh. i have a name for the show i'm writing about c! yay. it's going to be 'just being ...' and then the name of the character that is c, but isn't called c. she needs a name. if you have any festive ideas, send them this way - would you?

okay sweetie i must go earn some benjamins to keep up with my rock life style [to which, unfortunately, ive grown accustomed].

miss you the way the stars are bright in a black sky.

xox, me.


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