2002-05-02 - 9:36 PM - karma raffle

dear ida,

when i start to feel too lucky, i get really nervous. like, why am i so blessed with such a good life? why was i chosen to be born here, right where i am, and being doing what i'm doing and have fabulous friends and a fantastic family and an amazing job and good health? how did i get so lucky? did i win some karma raffle in a former life? did i work really hard to get this easy life? [and by that i mean living in america and earning a good wage as opposed to say working fields in china for $2 a year or something like that]. and how crazy am i that i sit around and think these things, but i do. i want to lean over and whisper, pinch me and then i'll pinch you, because do you know how lucky we are?. we have the world at our fingertips yet we keep everything at bay.

xox, me


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